About The Project.

Siree is a portable solar powered Wi-Fi enabled device loaded with over 7000 videos, 20,000 interactive exercises, offline educational materials like Encyclopedia and thousands of free eBooks to help schools and other institutions deliver up-to-date learning resources for dis-advantaged students residing on areas with no internet access and no electric supply by bringing the power of online learning to the offline world

Project Output
After we start using Siree , we are now able to teach different simulations of different experiments by providing different inputs and the students will see live experiments in mounted screens which is much better to understand different concepts, it’s like having a digital laboratory which is easy and modern way of teaching students, Additionally the students will be able to watch different learning resources in their native language which is Amharic language which helps to further strength their understanding.
we believe it’s the time to act now

There is an abundance of high quality educational contents online. But 60% of the world is not on the internet and it will take decades for the internet to reach them, leaving generations of learners behind. This is not acceptable. We’re not willing to wait—we believe it’s essential to act now to make the offline learning revolution a reality, and give these students the opportunities they need to break this cyce of poverty.

Access to quality education is essential for development. Not only does education provide children, youth and adults with the knowledge and skills to be active citizens and to fulfil themselves as individuals, literacy in particular contributes directly to poverty reduction. It has been estimated that global poverty could drop by 12 % if all children in low income countries could read. Education also contributes to sustainable economic growth and to more stable and accountably societies and governments. Yet education cannot be seen in isolation: it is closely related to children's health, gender equality, human rights (particularly those of children and minorities), peace and employment opportunities.

local impacts of the project
Chole is a small rural village located at 125 km far away from Addis Ababa in Amhara region which is isolated from the main city and there is no electric power and as a result Chole primary school suffers from shortage of educational materials and educational laboratories. In 2015, after the pilot project implementation of siree, we interviewed several teachers to analyze the relevancy of our product to their teaching process and the result was quite satisfactory.
Our Team

Our team is composed of young innovators, entrepreneurs, Designers and managers of which all of are experienced in their specialty. Creativity and innovation are the drive force to us in going forward in our desire to create solutions for barely addressed problems and solve them for the better world to come. We love what we do, and the community we do it with.

Samueal Kefelegn
Ceo / founder
Soleyana Menigstu
co - founder
Yosef Alemayehu
co - founder
Wondesen Habte
CO-Founder/Deputy G/ Manager
Henok Tadesse
Regen Daniel
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